Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quick update

I've been quite silent this week - work is picking up and I am vehemently defending my morning swim sessions by coming in a little later (I cant swim at 5am - I just cant) and leaving a little later.

Happy news - we can report a total cm loss of 16.5cm. 3cm off hips and 13.5cm off waist. Its very good news indeed.

Ive also shifted 11 pounds in 2 weeks - which is just so good.

So we are doing well, feeling good and lowering our portions.

If I can do a kg a week I will be happy - making the end of this year 50kgs down would be phenomenal.

I have a chemical diet, which kick starts your metabolism and which is what they use for patients awaiting gastric bypass to get their weight down quickly, so I may consider that for Monday - Wednesday next week if I don't see some results on Sunday.

Do what I can - the goal is there and I am fighting to get to it!

Have a super week xxx

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