Monday, January 6, 2014

Paleo with your food? Thats an interesting title...

So where did Paleo with your food...that's an order come from?

Its quite a sweet story actually...
In November, a friend and I did a cooking demonstration with Franck Dangeroux, he is the head chef at one of the most incredible restaurants in the world - Food Barn in Noordehoek. I say the world, because Oprah, Leonardo Di Caprio and Barrack Obama have said its spectacular.

Anyway, he did the cooking demo and I bought his book, Feast at Home, which has the most incredible recipes (yoghurt pannacotta and granadilla crème brulee just to name a few that I have tried) and he signed it for me.

And he signed it "Dear Katharine, Play with your food - that's an order! Love, Franck"

And I thought the play on words would suit this journey and honour one of my most favourite chefs.

Happy feasting xxx


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