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I will use this page to keep up to date with my progress in a quick and easy

September 2014

A little update - so I introduced fruit back in my diet and some carbs and it hasnt worked for me - gained 4 kgs in a month. So out with the fruit and for the next 8 weeks I am doing a very strict reboot banting - Ive cut out dairy, all carbs post 2pm (if at all), alcohol and chocolate. I reckon I can survive for 8 weeks on good clean eating. Its only 8 weeks - only 56 days. Its doable.

I am also increasing my water intake to 3lt a day - I need to cleanse this body quite significantly.

Then I will add in dairy again and moderate alcohol - slowly - and see what my threshold is. I do think my 8 G'nT's in a sitting was probably affecting my weight quite signficantly :)

Day 1 breakfast: salad and an avo. Who says its only an egg and bacon meal :)

I will keep you posted with some measurements and see how we do.

June 2014

I started this journey on 6 January 2014 - 6 months down the line I am 26.62 pounds lighter, 23cm less and 100% happier.

Here is a little retrospective...

What I notice most - Im getting a chin!

So next goal is 50 pounds by December - which would bring me to 56.6% of my goal - which I would be happy with for the year. This is definitely a 2 year plan for me.



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