Great Recipe Books

As I find some great recipe books that support the LCHF way of life, I will post them here. Its always nice to see what other banters / low carbers are doing  and to get inspired with their offerings.

1. The Real Meal Revolution

This is the book that started this whole journey for me - a great read by Professor Tim Noakes on the importance of real food eating. Love how easy it is to understand and it has a great section on red (avoid), orange (sometimes) and green (go wild) foods that you can eat.

You can get an online version from Kalahari and also order the book online. I found mine at Exclusive Books Hyde Park and Ive seen it at a few other bookshops as well.

The team also has a facebook page and a website with great tips and tricks

2. Low Carb Living for Families

A friend gave me this book for my birthday and I love it because it has low carb versions of great family favourites - absolutely a must if you have kiddies. I also like this recipe book because it uses ingredients that you dont have to travel 200km for. That makes a huge difference in terms of your wallet as well as your ability to keep up with this plan.

A nice section in the front explains LCHF principles and shows you how to do the lifestyle change quickly and easily.

Again, available at Exclusive books and online.

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