Saturday, January 4, 2014

A brief introduction

It's the 4th day of 2014 and its time to take back my life! I have battled with my weight since I was in school - always the biggest girl in the class, always taller than everyone else, always different. And I didn't mind being different - I have had so many experiences because I am slightly left of centre. And I love it and I don't intend to change that aspect of my life.

But I have also been doing some significant thinking about why I do the things I do, why I am so driven to always be different, to stand out from the crowd and to make my mark. And after much reflection, I have realized its because I don't think Im good enough as I am. And that was a very sad realization - but it also made me realize that its the reason why I protect myself so deeply and don't open myself up to things I desperately want - finding love, being real with friends, stepping up to my life, living - really living. 

So this year, I have decided to make myself good enough - to take charge of my life, my eating and my living. And to make myself absolutely accountable to myself for all that I do. Its time that I really take charge, that I embrace myself and in the words of Berren Brown - that I dare greatly and make myself vulnerable. 

So this blog is about my adventure into this and my journey into the paleo / LCHF way of life (not diet) - driven by an article I saw in the You Magazine about this man that followed the Tim Noakes diet to loose 84kgs in 7 months. I looked at the diets I have followed in the past and realized that I have always relied on grains and low fat / low GI items to loose weight and it hasnt worked. The flavors didn't appeal to me and I always felt deprived. Now I am on a journey with LCHF which appeals to me - I like butter and cream and steak and flavor. This way of living and eating sounds like something I can do. 

I've read a lot, I've prepped my cupboards and I've stocked my fridge. It's time to take charge and its time to be vulnerable and accountable. 

So here are my goals:

Current Weight:          160.0 kgs (352.00 pounds)
Goal Weight:              100.0 kgs (220.00 pounds)
Total weight loss:         60.0 kgs (132 pounds)
Weight loss per week:    1.2 kgs (2.53 pounds)

Current measurements:
Waist: 139.5cm
Hips:   171.0cm

Another goal for me is to swim 2,014 laps of the gym pool - 25m by my birthday - 5 June.
Thats a distance of 50,350 meters - 50.35km

There it is! I've laid it out!
Let's do this!


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