Friday, January 24, 2014

It's usually like this

Usually my diets look like this around about day 15 :)
Not this time though! I am still on track and life is very very good. I saw such a lovely post today on facebook which really gave me some hope:
So we will apply that to our mindset. Tonight Im making almond and cranberry cookies and some oopsies - carb free bread. I need some bread and marmite, so I wanna see how these work out.

So excited for Sunday to see what this week has resulted in. Ive eaten way less in the way of calories this week - sometimes no dinner, just because I am not hungry and I am trying to train myself to eat when hungry and not because society says we have to. Its hard to break habits that have been entrenched for 35 years.

Good weekend ahead - spa day tomorrow, lunch with a friend (checked the menu online and gonna have a halloumi salad with extra bacon - yum!) and then movies with another friend - Sunday - just chilling! Cant wait to get started on this weekend, I am quite tired this week.

Havent been to gym today - bad Kath - because I have a black eye and I cant put on goggles. Eish. I will go on Sunday, but I wish I could go today - maybe I will just go kick in the pool for an hour, no goggles needed for that.

Where did I get the black eye? My dog ran head first into my eye with his boney head. So sore, I cant even explain. Ouch!

Have a safe weekend - chat soon
Kath xxx

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