Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 7

Its a week today since I made the choice to change my eating. And its been a good week. I am not weighing - although I am dying to know what Ive dropped (definitely know I have dropped some weight as I can feel it in my clothes, my knees and my energy.

Maybe I will concede today at the gym when I go for a swim.

Its been an easy week - a good week. I am not hungry - haven't been since Thursday which is the weirdest feeling for me - because I am usually hungry and peckish all the time. I can eat 3 bread rolls and be hungry an hour later. Here I am not hungry at all. Which is so weird for me.

Im embracing it though, and drinking loads of water - but I can't shake how weird it feels to be eating correctly and not being hungry.

I am thinking of going to see a nutritionist and explaining the LCHF plan I am on and asking for some support to help me ensure my diet is balanced etc. Whats gonna be a real challenge is to find a LCHF friendly nutritionist - because most dietitians are against a controlled carb plan - but lets see if I can find someone. I will ask on the phone whether they support LCHF eating - because I don't wanna waste my cash going to someone who is gonna insist I eat bread / pasta / rice / potatoes.

A good day all round - chilling and relaxing with some exercise later. Hope it kickstarts some appetite.

Kath xxx

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