Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 1 - Rebooting!

So we are on day 1 and its going reasonably well. Had a super breakfast - eggs, bacon, salad - it was delicious. I do need to add something to that though as I am feeling a bit hungry now - so maybe some cheese or yoghurt or something.

If I do that, then it may last a little longer. I did enjoy it though - the fact that on a new eating plan I can have a delicious and substantial breakfast. And the best part? I actually sat down and ate it - it was just so perfect - normally I eat breakfast over the sink - but today, I honoured the meal.

Its been 5.5 hours since breakfast and I will do lunch now and then have a 6 hour wait to dinner.

I don't want to live life waiting for the next meal - but I do need to keep my kilojoules down, so its all part of the process. I know I will adapt and I am actually not starving, but when you are a grazer as I was - its hard not to feel deprived when you don't have something in your mouth.

Its the first day back at the office as well - so a good day to start taking charge of life!

Took a photo today of myself in my underwear. Holy hell, it was frightening. When you take a picture of yourself like that you really look at yourself. And its scary.

Anyway, onward and upward - it can only improve. Have a splendid day, I intend to :)


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