Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let's get this party started

So tomorrow is day 1 of Paleo. I've read so much and prepped myself with everything I need to know and now its just up to me. I certainly wish I was 1 week older, in the rhythm and on track.

I'be decided to join a couple of online forums - local ones, so I can see what people around me are dealing with. One of the forums I've joined is the - the Sleek Geek movement in SA is gaining momentum and Ive heard lots of people talking about it.

Sometimes its just nice to have some support around your eating plan and the reality is that your friends are very often not those people. They mean a lot but unless you're on the same page, its hard to really connect with them on this.

So Im gonna give Sleek Geek a go and we will see how we do there.

Prof Tim Noakes, who wrote The Real Meal Revolution which is a book I am basing a lot of my eating on, has this to say about going Paleo:

I love the idea of conscious eating. I don't really know how much we do of that. So I am going to see what I can do to bring that to life every day that I am changing my life. I think its the little things, like eating lunch at your office desk or in front of the TV - thats not conscious eating - what you have to rather do is set time and place aside for eating and enjoy your meal - really taste it. 

I'm thinking that if I do that, then I will have a better enjoyment of my meals and thus, feel more satisfied. 

Well - thats the philosophy anyway. 

Tomorrow is day 1: a big day, with lots of conscious eating and listening to my body. Excited but nervous. I have so much laying on this lifestyle shift - so very very much. 

Wish me luck!

Kath xxx

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