Sunday, February 2, 2014

Its unbelieveable

I can't actually believe it - 2,6kgs down this week. Total weight loss in 4 weeks - 9kgs. Thats 19.8 pounds. Its absolutely astounding. And its on a diet of cream, butter and oil. I am absolutely blown away.

I feel so proud of myself, I feel like I have absolutely got a handle on this. Never before has something come so easily in 4 weeks. Its a dream. I looked at my diary from 2011 when I went on my big diet - low GI and horrific. I lost grams - 500g, 700g, 1,2kg was the highlight. It was tedious, not tasty and made me feel like a failure.

To celebrate, I made myself these for brekkie: ricotta and blueberry hotcakes :) Delish and completely LCHF!

I am in a good space, going to swim a mile this afternoon just to get myself back into the gym. I need to do that to get on track with my 2014 laps before my birthday. I am motivated.

It has been a good month. I cannot wait to do the next one and see the results.

I have set myself the goal of 16kgs by the time my sister comes - if I can do that it will be phenomenal. I am 9kgs down already - 7kgs in 6 weeks. Hopefully it will be more. But 16kgs will be more than brilliant.

Onward and upward my lovely ones! Woohoo!

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