Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week 26 Results

Week 26 results

Ive been banting for 6 months and I cannot actually believe how quickly time has gone. Its insane. At the same time though it has not been the easiest journey. I cant underplay the emotional rollercoaster that losing weight is for me. At some points its so emotionally draining dealing with the loss of me that you just want to pack it in and eat a carton of chocolate and go back into the comfortable world of food. I will start writing some more about this soon, because its a huge thing for me.

But I refuse to be beaten this time. I refuse to allow this to rule over me. I am losing weight for noone but me. I want to be healthier, I want to shop in cool shops, I want to feel confident walking down the street. Thats why I started on this journey. And 6 months on I am feeling quite good.

Some results:

I am 29.9 pounds lighter (I measure in pounds, it makes it seem like more :)). Thats an average weekly loss of 1.15 pounds. Thats roughly 523g a week. Which is a big block of butter. 26 of them actually. And thats cool. It hasnt all been downhill. This is my chart (I love excel) of progress:

What this equates to is 8.5% loss on my starting weight and 22.67% of my total goal I want to lose - so I am almost on track with my 2 year plan to get to my goal weight, tracking a little behind but I reckon if I up my exercise we can maybe accelerate that a little more. Im also 31.5cm down in the last 3 weeks (I am doing the Sleek Geek 8 week Winter Challenge - so that I dont lose focus in winter) - I didnt measure myself at the beginning, silly twit - so I will just work on my 8 June measurements going forward.

I said to myself that I would spend my first 6 months focusing on eating and then introduce more exercise from month 7. Thats where we are now. I need to get back in the pool. I need to get into the gym (for real, not for my smoothie fix which, now that I dont do sugar, doesnt even taste nice anymore) and I need to tone and loose more with increased exercise. That I will start this weekend.

So I still have a looooooooooong way to go - but Im a quarter of the way there. If this was a trip down to Cape Town, Im in Bloemfontein, and that is fine by me.

Onward and upward my lovelies - hope to do a spectacular check in again in December.

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